Broadly conceived, my research agenda is focused on the complex relationship between information resources and daily manifestations of power. This agenda has expressed itself in several collaborative research projects, professional experiences, individual research projects and my dissertation research. My research is grounded in Archival Studies and theoretically informed by my background in Media Studies, Gender Studies and Information Studies. My research is also guided by the principal that socio-historical-cultural context is paramount to the ways in which people understand, access and use information. With this in mind, I employ qualitative and humanistic research methodologies in my research. I am committed to an interdisciplinary research orientation. Below are some of my current and past research projects.

Making Secret(s): The Infrastructure of Classified Information

The Women’s Center for Creative Work, Creating a Foundation for a Collaborative Feminist Archives

Police-worn body camera and the Privatization of Public Records

Bodily Matter: Affective Gadgets and Spy Memorabilia

Toward an Evidential Paradigm for Metadata

The Semiotics of Secret Writing

Don’t Feed the Fish: A Genealogy of the CIA’s Mechanized Animals


Archival Grand Challenges

Donor Requested Destruction in the June L. Mazer Archives


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